The leading market of Indonesia’s solar panel.

PT. Solatec Energy Indonesia is a part of Cinjoe Group, a leading paper distributor company since 1964. We always strive for innovation and continuous improvement to provide best services to our customer and Indonesian community.

With a business philosophy of providing customer-oriented solution with best value, excellency, and services.

Our focus is not only for today, but the success for future generation. The company’s business philosophy has been inherited for years to provide energy solution with best prices and high quality.

Efficient Solar Energy

Innovative technology to create more energy production per square meter.

Safe Operation

High quality components to guarantee safety and years of performance.

Long-Term Investment

Affordable solar panel with big impact to community and environment.

Years of Satisfaction

Worry-free with 12-year product warranty and 25-year manufacturer’s performance guarantee.

becoming eco-friendly.

Dedicated for the earth, our mission is to create an eco-friendly community by shifting lifestyle from fossil to green sustainable energy.

Envision a brighter future.

We provide an affordable and innovative energy solution for your long-term investment.

Leading the way with green energy for a renewable future.

Our long-term vision is to create sustainable future by providing solar energy more accessible to our society.

SOLATEC’s commitment to low-carbon renewable energy.

We expand complete availability to affordable and brilliant energy solutions.

We consistently push boundaries of clean energy technology to extend accessibility for a smart energy solutions.

We transform green energy into reality, depicted in our handwork.

We develop and deliver everything from a single source: up from the sun until high performance energy solutions, and supply green energy to your buildings.

We distribute sustainable power to society with our advanced technology.

To make decarbonization happen in our societies, we deliver solar power which play a crucial role to a clean energy future.